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Grape Body 

A USC MFA Thesis Film

A poetic short film about women's relationships with their bodies.

Written and Directed by Ji Lee 


A quirky old lady who instills hope in a young girl struggling with an eating disorder.

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Untitled design-2.png

In collaboration with the director and adhering to the color to the color palette assigned to Luna's world, I created a pattern that fit their vision, while adding my own personal touch. 

The character of Luna, who embodies both youthful joy, peace, and timeless wisdom, inspired me to create a quirky bathing suit design featuring her signature blue flowers, along with custom coordinating accessories."


A young girl with an eating disorder, struggling to come to terms with her body.

Juliette's world is one of desolate self-discontent. She wears plain, unremarkable colors in to remain unnoticed. However, as the story develops, she becomes influenced by the joy and positivity of the older woman.

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